Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

The company name was established back when Marcite was the only material on the market. Due to EPA-required restructuring of Marcite’s formula, the nature and durability of the material changed. Because of this, other materials like PebbleStone and our own custom blended Quartz products have become the industry-standard.

Ground water pressure is always a valid concern when draining a swimming pool. However, Mr. Marcite easily accommodates issues of ground water, and performs renovations year-round.

Depending on the type of pool renovation you choose, the warranty period of your selected material may range anywhere from 5 years to “lifetime.” This is important because a material warranty may only obligate the manufacturer to supply you with replacement material – not the application of the replacement material to your pool. Labor costs are often higher than the cost of material, and you’d have to spend money out of your pocket to hire someone to apply the replacement surface. At Mr. Marcite we know our customers deserve better and we back our material with a 100% workmanship guarantee. In the unlikely event that your material fails while it is under warranty, we will not only replace the material, but also supply the labor to apply the replacement surface.

All pool work is performed by in-house Mr. Marcite crews.

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